Weekly Athlete Spotlight

Each week we will spotlight athletes that have shown great sportsmanship and excellence on the basketball court. These athletes will be nominated by their coaches and selected by the DBA Board.

Keep an eye out for more updates to come. 

Spotlight #1

Coach Bready nominated Charlotte from the 4th grade black team and Harlow from the 4th grade orange team for our DBA players of the week. Here's what Coach had to say about these two players:

"Charlotte got body checked into the stands with no foul call, jump back up got a steal, 2 points the other way. Without a fuss she kept going and pumped her teammates up."

"Harlow has been slowly becoming the most skilled girl out of both teams without saying a word. Today was no different, hitting outside shots, playing lock down defense, and checking on her injured teammate when she went down."

Because of their great attitudes, willingness to learn, and their excellence in being a team player, they each received a Dutch Bros Coffee gift card!

Our final spotlight is Riley from the 6th grade rec team.

Riley has gone above and beyond in showing great determination in getting better each day. This is her first year playing, and already has great potential. She is always ready to play, always ready to learn, and helps to build her team mates up. She always has a positive attitude in practice and games. She is constantly going for the loose ball, and doing anything she can to help her team win.

She asked that her teammates join her in the photo, as that is who she is.

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